Year 8 CEIAG Conference: Bright Futures

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Students took part in range of activities throughout the day that permitted them to explore different career themes. Students played STEM bingo to explore STEM careers in more detail. They used  'START'. an effective online careers tool to look at subject links to careers and employment opportunities. They were extremely fortunate to take part in two employer encounters. Rachel Hemingway, assistant director of the Allied Health Professionals spoke to students about AHP roles and opportunities.  Max and Joe from Stateside who are degree apprenticesalso spoke to students about employment opportunites at Stateside and gave an overview of the benefits of pursuing a degree apprenticeship. In the final session of the day students learned about the importance of Science and Maths to careers and everyday life. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thanks to all those involved in working with students throughout the day supporting them to plan for their own bright future!