Contributing to CEIAG in school and in your subject areas


The world of work is changing at an increasingly fast rate and with this comes a greater demand on all of us to support young people in making a successful  transition from education to employment. Helping students identify and choose career opportunities that are right for them isn’t a one person job! 


We strive to ensure all our young people; 

  • Are well equipped to make the transition into the world of work 

  • Have develop skills employers are looking for to match the needs of our economy

  • Are able to access higher paid jobs and sustained employment 

  • Have improved life chances

  • Are able to contribute to the growth of our economy



‘Careers isn’t a one- person job- it takes a whole village to educate a child’


The Gatsby Benchmarks

The government’s Careers Strategy, published in December 2017, and statutory guidance for school leaders and school staff, published in January 2018, set out the plan for building a high quality careers system that will help young people to achieve.


The eight Gatsby Benchmarks are based on best national and international research and define all the elements of an excellent careers programme.


The Gatsby Benchmarks have now been put at the heart of the Careers Strategy for schools with an expectation that schools will be meeting them in full by the end of 2020. Smithills School has achieved 100% in the Gatsby Benchmarks between July 2020- September 2021 

Gatsby Diagram 2019.jpg

The Gatsby Benchmarks explained

Gatsby Explain.png



The Gatsby Benchmarks have a key role in:


  • raising young people’s aspirations and promoting access to all career pathways

  • enabling all young people to develop the skills and outlook they need to achieve career wellbeing, including adaptability and resilience

  • underpinning the Department for Education guidance to schools on meeting their statutory responsibility for careers guidance.


Programmes of study  

If you need any support or further assistance when planning your programmes of study for 2019-20 to demonstrate how your subject area incorporates elements of the Gatsby Benchmarks please see Mrs Isaacs in careers.


Tracking students 

Student involvement in CEIAG events and activities are tracked throughout all year groups. We are now able to provide CEIAG records for students to show what CEIAG they have received over the five years at Smithills. 


Teachers are therefore requested to keep the CAREERS Team regularly informed of the following; 


  • Names of students involved in CEIAG events or activities within your subject areas that meet any of the benchmarks 

  • Date of the event/activity/visit

  • A brief description/explanation  of how students have been involved in activities that meet any of the benchmarks and their impacts

  • Any available feedback from students/staff is also extremely valuable   


CEIAG Conferences 2021-22

In delivering CEIAG conferences each year we aim to develop increasing knowledge and greater depth of understanding to equip our young people with the skills needed at specific time in their career journey and help them make informed decisions.  

CEIAG Conferences 19-20.png

Learning from Labour Market Information ( LMI) 

Students can learn a great deal from labour market information.  


The links below can help with accessing LMI and support teaching and learning. 


The school has purchased  a licence for staff and students to access start.  

Please see Mrs Isaacs in careers for login and password information 


​Other Online Resources