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Individual Year Mapping 2022-23

Year 7 - 8 Mapping, Click HERE

Year 8 - 9 Mapping, Click HERE

Year 9 - 10 Mapping, Click HERE

Year 10 - 11 Mapping, Click HERE

Year 11 Mapping, Click HERE


Research your Future Options

Make sure you know in advance what career and employment opportunities are available for you when you leave school, the qualifications you will need to have achieved and the employability skills needed for specific roles.

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School licence codes or passwords are available from



Smithills School Work Experience will take part this year from 

Monday 27th March - Friday 31st March 2023

Work Experience Documents

​All documentation given to students can be viewed below


Click HERE to Download the Parental Letter 2022-23

Click HERE to download the Medical Form 2022-23

Click HERE to download the Handbook for Parents and Students 2022-23 

Click HERE to download the Cover Letter for Employers ( Own Placements) 2022-23

Click HERE to download the Own Placement Employer Details Form 2022-23

Click HERE to download the Request Placement Details Form 2022-232

Click HERE to download the Student Prompt Sheet  ( Placement searching) 2022-23

Click HERE to download the Student Work Experience Diary 2022-23


Work Experience Website

Click LOGO below to view the work experience website.

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Year 11: Post 16 Progression NEW 2022-2023

Parental Letter- Post 16 Progression       Click HERE

Post 16 Progression Overview document  Click HERE

Post 16 Route map -                                   Click HERE

10 Steps to making a Post 16 Application Click HERE

Year 11 Post 16 ​Booklet -                            Click HERE

All College Open Evenings                        Click HERE 

Introduction to Post 16 Transitioning -       Click HERE


T Levels : A Guide for Students          Click HERE



  • What is an Apprenticeship?                                       Click HERE

  • A Guide to Apprenticeships                                              Click HERE

  • Find an apprenticeship                                                       Click HERE

  • Writing a winning application                                             Click HERE

  • National Apprenticeship Service : Parent/Carer Pack         Click HERE                                                 

  • Alliance Learning : Apprenticeships we offer                    Click HERE


The Application Process 2022-23

- The Post 16 Application Process            Click HERE

- Admissions Interviews                            Click HERE

- Writing a personal statement                  Click HERE

- CV templates - Blank CV Template Sample 1              Click HERE

                         - Blank CV TEMPLATE Sample 2            Click HERE

                         - Completed CV Template Sample 1   Click HERE

                         - Completed CV Template Sample 2   Click HERE

Year 11: Post 16 Provider Assembly Presentations 

  • Bolton College   (NEW 2022-23)                     Click HERE

  • Bury College  (NEW 2022-23)                         Click HERE

  • The Sixth Form Bolton  (NEW 2022-23)          Click HERE

  • The Manchester College                                 Click HERE

  • North Lancs Training Group                            Click HERE

  • Rivington and Blackrod Sixth Form                 Click HERE

  • Wigan & Leigh College (NEW 2022-23)         Click HERE

  • Runshaw College                                           Click HERE

  • LLS Sports (NEW 2022-23)                            Click HERE

  • Thornleigh Sixth Form  (NEW 2022-23)         Click HERE


Year 10 : Preparing for POST 16 Progression 

Post 16 progression overview  - Click HERE

Year 10 Parental Letter - Click HERE

Employability Skills map - Click HERE

Year 10 will be taking part in College taster event in the summer term 2023.

Year 10 are advised to look carefully at what Post 16 options will be available to them for September 2024.

  • Use XELLO initially to explore different options before going to the individual websites of each of the Post 16 providers of interest.

  • Look at different subjects/courses of interest ( those you may be currently studying as well as new ones)

  • Look at the qualification available and GCSE/BTEC grade requirements to access these courses in the future.

  • Below are a series of resources to support your independent research

A Brief Introduction to Post 16 Provision : Why not take a look?  

Bolton College Offer                      Click HERE

Bolton College New Course for     Click HERE

Bury College in action                    Click HERE

The Sixth Form Bolton Offer           Click HERE

Overview of Salford City Colleges Click HERE

Wigan & Leigh College                   Click HERE


Post 16 Provider Resources 

  • Bury College Mini Guide                    Click HERE

  • Wigan & Leigh Promotional Video     Click HERE

  • Runshaw Promotional Video              Click HERE

  • Rivington and Blackrod Prospectus    Click HERE

  • T Levels at Bolton College                  Click HERE

  • Salford Colleges Overview                Click HERE

  • Thornleigh Sixth Form Prospectus      Click HERE


Post 18 Research (Requirements for University)

UCAS Link    Click HERE


Click on the links to explore your post 16 options. What subject choices interest you? What qualifications could I pursue? What are the entry requirements for each course?


School Sixth Forms



FE Colleges/Sixth Form Colleges

In Local area (Bolton & Bury)


Outside of Local area

Training Providers & Apprenticeships

Employer Apprenticeships (there are many more if you search individual companies)


Balfour Beatty


BAE Systems















 Using Labour Market Information for Career Planning 

This relates to the current state of the jobs market. Looking at growth industries, declining industries , jobs available in the region and those beyond. It involves discussions around salaries and opportunities for career progression and skills needed for different industries. 

How labour market information (LMI) can help you make career decisions (

Use the resources below to explore some of the sectors

Construction LMI


Digital LMI


Financial Technology LMI


Health and Social Care LMI


Hospitality LMI


Life Sciences LMI


Manufacturing LMI

Other useful resources

Articles Archive - icould

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